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    2023 Summer Teacher Residency Program (June 12-24, 2023)


    1 graduate workshop credit, $140

    Summer Teacher Residency participants may receive up to 3 graduate workshop credits by completing an additional registration through Ursuline College and completing an additional assignment. The cost to register for the graduate workshop credit is $140, and students who complete the assignment will receive a pass/fail grade on an official transcript.

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    February Workshops
    All courses meet Friday, February 17 at 9am-4pm

    3D Printing for Educators
    Make the most out of your school’s new 3D printers! Learn the basics behind 3D printing in this fun and informative one-day workshop! Learn how to run and troubleshoot common issues with your printer, how to slice a file for printing, and even how to create your own designs for printing using software designed for grades 3 and up! 
    Curriculum and Fine Art: Delivering Quality Art to Kids While Checking the Boxes for School
    Requirements in systems may vary, but they are a constant. In this Teacher Workshop, we’ll explore ways of meeting curriculum requirements while still providing content of artistic and cultural substance!

    Figure Drawing: Underneath it All
    As an artist, just drawing the figure isn’t enough. Understanding what makes up the structure, the substance, of the form solidifies a good illustration. How does our underlying structure support a believable figure? What are the prominent anatomical markers in the human form? Where are the common mistakes, the assumptions we draw without really looking at the figure? This workshop will address these questions with a figure drawing studio session.

    Narrative Visual Storytelling
    Narrative visual storytelling (AKA comics or cartoons) can be a powerful tool for students to express complex emotions and ideas through dynamic characters, vast new worlds, and original stories. Additionally, this powerful communication tool uniquely shows a passage of time through a series of panels and combines imagery with text, making it an ideal storytelling medium. Plus, it’s something kids love already!

    June Workshops
    2D Processes
    You'll work alongside other educators to develop a small body of work and reinvigorate your teaching practice under close faculty guidance. Each 10-by-10-foot studio contains an easel, storage and table. Studio spaces can be customized with materials and furniture to fit your needs. In addition to our dramatic, light-filled painting and drawing studios, scheduled access hours to our printmaking studios allow for creating work through intaglio, lithography, screenprinting, and monoprinting techniques. For more information, click here.
    Contemporary Craft
    Residents working in Contemporary Craft will create in spaces designed and equipped for our students preparing for professional craft practices. Our jewelry and metals studio offers traditional metal working equipment, as well as casting, enamel and 3D printing technologies. CIA’s ceramics studio is fully equipped with seven kilns, including two walk-in kilns, a computerized Blaauw kiln, glazing studio, clay making lab, and a 3D clay printer. Our two-story glass studios are equipped for glassblowing, fusion glass work (casting, slumping, and bending), flame-working, and cold-glass work (cutting, grinding, polishing and sandblasting). Residents will also have access to CIA’s Fabrication Studios wood shop and plaster/stone room. The shop features ample workspace, equipment and tools to help conduct processes that include surfacing, cutting, shaping, sanding, turning, drilling, fastening, and mold making. For more information, click here.
    Digital Art + Photography
    CIA’s computer labs provide access to Mac computers, Adobe Creative Suite software, wireless Internet, printing, and scanning capabilities for residents working in video, digital art, digital prints, and digital photography.  Residents will have access to CIA’s Equipment Checkout, the on-campus technology resource to borrow from thousands of items, including cameras, laptops, lighting kits, and more. Our Photography studios includes scheduled access to enlargers, darkroom equipment, and professional studio and lighting gear. CIA’s Digital Output Center allows for the production and presentation of digital work of all types, as well as archival prints produced at up to 2400 dpi on a wide variety of papers, films, canvas, and fabrics. Scanning, mounting, and laminating are also available. For more information, click here.

    Summer Teacher Residency
    Summer 2023 Teacher Residency

    1 credit: $140
    2 credits: $280
    3 credits: $420

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